7 Christian Songs Sung On Stage To The Amazement Of The Crowd

christian songs sung on stage

When I heard Hillsong’s “Shout To The Lord” on American Idol years ago, I really felt the presence of God coming through the TV screen and being poured out to all nations. His name was glorified on a show watched by millions all over the world!

Since then, I noticed there were a couple more Christian songs that made its way on the big screen. Here’s the compilation of the 7 Christian songs that lifted the name of God on stage. I believe there will be more to come.

7 Christian Songs Sung On Stage

1. “Shout To The Lord” – A famous worship song from Australia’s Christian band, Hillsong

This song was sang by the final 8 contestants of American Idol Season 7 in 2008. It was truly an awesome moment to see them praising Jesus as their Savior on one of the most popular TV shows!

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