Conjoined Baby Twins Faith And Hope Were Inseparable But They Were Finally Separated For Good

conjoined baby twins

This is a moving story of how parents, John and Elysse Mata refused to give up in the midst of a great trial. They knew even before the baby twin girls were born that they were conjoined. However the thought of terminating the birth never crossed their minds. The conjoined baby twins were born prematured in 2014 and joined largely at the chest. They also share a number of internal organs such as their lungs, diaphragm, liver, intestines, colon and pelvis. Their doctors gave them a survival change of 20 percent but the little angels were strong and fought hard. Hence parents, John and Elysse named them, Faith and Hope. Elysse said ‘you need to have faith and you need to have hope’ in her situation.

Conjoined Baby Twins, Faith And Hope Separated 

So the journey to help baby, Faith and Hope began. On 17 February 2015, after tedious preparation and tests, a team of doctors at Texas Children’s Hospital successfully separated the twins in a marathon surgery that took more than 30 odd hours.

“We were up almost 48 hours and didn’t know what was going to happen… we were praying for a miracle,” their mom Elysse Mata recalled. “(Today,) they’re phenomenal, strong. They’re little fighters.”

“It’s surreal,” added John Eric Mata, the girls’ dad. “For me, they’ve far exceeded expectations.”

A miracle took place and their prayers were answered.

Having just celebrated second birthday, the girls, Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith are both at home with their parents in Littlefield, Texas. Knatalye has started to walk and Adeline who has more health issues, is making progress towards breathing on her own. Both are strong fighters!

conjoined baby twins


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