Deer Visitor Got Invited Into The Kitchen For Breakfast

This kindhearted lady goes out of her house in the morning to call her ‘little girl’ from outside her backyard. At first I thought it may be her dog she is calling out for. But instead after awhile, a beautiful deer appears out from the woods. The lady then invites her deer visitor into her kitchen for breakfast. The deer looks really calm and gentle. I believe this is not the first time she was invited into the lady’s house. It wasn’t afraid but quickly followed the lady into the house without much hesitation.

The best part of this video is to watch the lady prepares milk in a baby bottle for this deer. The deer waited patiently and watchfully for her meal. At some point, she kind of know that the milk is ready and got closer to the lady. She followed the lady closely. When the milk was ready, it almost jumped in excitement to grab hold of the bottle. I love how the deer sucked the milk out of the bottle and down it in a couple of minutes. I guess it must be really hungry. The amazing thing is, it knows how to drink from the bottle.

It looks like she has adapted well to the urban surroundings and has bonded nicely with the lady through this experience. She was not really bothered with the camera person following her and I would say she co-operated well with them. It was such a beautiful shot. The deer itself is so beautiful. I wish I can have a close encounter like this with a deer visitor too.

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