Dog And Cat Diving For The First Time

dog and cat diving

I have never seen a dog or cat go diving before. Prior to this I have watched videos of dog swimming in the sea but never deep sea diving.

You will love this video as this dog, Mutley goes deep sea diving for the first time with her owner. She is well equipped with diving gear and the necessary accessories to get her to sink. But what is most amazing is, you will also see its buddy cat join her in this activity as well. They both seem to love it! It is really wonderful to watch them dive together.

Apparently to get these two pets to deep sea diving is no easy task. Its owner, Jean had to spend a considerable amount of time and money to custom make their diving suit and gear. In fact it took him six months to test and adjust them so that he is sure it is safe enough for his pets. It is also a very expensive hobby as the whole diving equipment and gear for the pets cost him $40,000 to build! I must say this owner really loves his pets!

Back to Mutley the dog. She loves to dive. She is actually the only canine certified to scuba dive and has descended 50 feet into the sea before. What a brave and adventurous dog she is!

But wait! What do you do when your dog wants to bring its buddy cat Hawkeye along? Well you have to make sure they both go diving together! That’s exactly what Jean the owner did! He built a diving suit and equipment for his cat as well!

Watch to the end of the video as you do not want to miss the shots where Hawkeye the cat prepares for her dive. It is truly awesome! I am pretty sure you will agree as well.

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