Encouraging Messages Of Hope And Faith In The Midst Of Death

encouraging messages

I love receiving encouraging messages of hope and faith in God even when the situation seems bad and out of our control. Know that God is in control. I hope this great testimony from young parents, Nathaniel Oliveri and Hayley will lift up your spirit. Gabriella, their first born encountered sudden change in her condition right after she came into this world. The doctors did not know what was happening to her body. She could not breathe on her own and struggle for every breath. In fact, her heart stopped.

Did fear grip Nathaniel and Hayley? For a brief moment, it seemed natural to be afraid as human beings. But they rebuked fear and prayed believing God despite the horrible life and death situation their baby was facing. They stood in faith and rebuked the spirit of death in Jesus name. They recognised that it is the devil who comes to steal, kill and destroy. They partnered with God and believe it is God’s will to heal Gabriella. So they stood in the gap for Gabriella and Hayley saw the vision of Jesus with his hand on Gabriella. Finally 4 minutes passed and Gabriella’s hearbeat came back. But the doctors were not sure if she could survive.

Nathaniel told the nurse that he is not worried that God has His hand on his daughter and he had the peace of God in his heart. He went on to pray for the nurse who had a throat problem. The doctors thought Nathaniel and Hayley were in denial, so they contacted their pastor hoping she would talk sense into them. So Pastor Catherine came but joined the couple in worship and prayer believing God to heal Gabriella.

Together they stood believing on the promises of God that He would heal Gabriella. Despite the medical facts that tell them it is impossible, they knew with God all things are possible! Gabriella was rapidly deterioritating and a few months passed with no glimpse of improvement. But God gave Nathaniel and Hailey a supernatural peace.


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