Encouraging Messages Of Hope And Faith In The Midst Of Death

Doctors tried to console them by telling them that Gabriella’s condition is much worse than expected and to prepare them for the worst. But Nathaniel told the doctor that he is not worried as he is a man of God and asked the doctor to tell him the facts so that he knows what to pray for. So the doctor explained that due to the lack of oxygen to Gabriella’s brain during the 4 minutes when her heart has stopped, he believed she has brain damage and that was the reason why she is not responding. Nathaniel went on to ask the doctor what he would need to see in order to know Gabriella was ok. He said if he could get any response from her. Then Nathaniel said what if she opened her eyes and the doctor said he would be astonished. Nathaniel told him to prepare to be astonished as God is going to heal his daugther. And Nathaniel turned to his doctor and prayed for him instead.

Nathaniel had complete confidence that God would heal his daughter despite voices in his head that tell him otherwise. He knew that even losing his daughter would not steal the peace he had in Jesus.

So he firmly said this, ‘Enemy, your plans to take my daughter will not succeed! No matter what happens to my daugther, my peace is in Christ the Lord!’

After two days, Gabriella opened her eyes and looked at her parents! The doctors were surprised! Not only did she open her eyes, she appeared to be totally healed! Suddenly she became well and showed no sign of a previously collapsed lung. The same doctor whom Nathaniel said would be astonished came running in with Gabriella’s lungs X-ray and exclaimed ‘This is amazing! This is amazing!’ To this, Nathaniel said ‘This is Jesus!’ The doctors kept doing tests on Gabriella but they could not find anything wrong with her. There is no brain damage, no lung trauma and nothing wrong with her heart. She is healthy and normal!

In every trial and difficult situation, God wants us to have no fear because He is perfect love! Glory to God!

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