Fantasia Sang For Jesus And Turned Her Concert Into Worship Service

fantasia sang for jesus

Fantasia Barrino, my favorite American Idol winner for Season Three, 2004. I actually prayed for her to win that concert. I love her voice and personality. Since that victory, Fantasia has gone on to release a couple of albums. Her single ‘Bittersweet’ won her a Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance in 2011.

A recent video on YouTube has captured how Fantasia is using her talent and influence to spread God’s love to her audience. She actually sang for Jesus and turned her concert into a worship service while singing “Abba”. She even invited the concert goers to lift their hands to God. Eventhough some have criticised her for wearing a skimpy outfit while performing that soul-stirring worship service, it was reported that about 10 people have given their life to Jesus at her concert.

This is what Fantasia said to the crowd who came for her concert:

“This is my ministry. Thank you Jonathan david and melissa helser for creating this beautiful song “abba” and allowing the lord to use you. we end our shows in worship.”

Drae Mac of Miami, Florida, who attended Fantasia’s concert with his wife, told Christian Post that despite the criticisms thrown at Fantasia, he felt the presence of God and he believed everyone else at the concert felt it too.

My personal take is Fantasia was sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit and sensed the crowd needed a touch of God at the concert. She bravely obeyed and asked everyone to join her to worship God. I admire her courageous action and her words of encouragement as she knew there were people there who desperately needed God at that moment.

It is so easy to judge someone by the way they dress but the Bible says we are not to look at outward appearance. God looks at our hearts. He can use anyone, anywhere to bring people into His kingdom for His glory. We should be thankful for His grace.


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