3 Amazing Stories About Giving Hope That Will Inspire You

A Handful of Rice

In the north east of India lies a beautiful city called Mizoram. What is more beautiful besides its natural scenic beauty, is the churches here have adopted a practical radical way of giving since 1910.

“Buhfai Tham” as they call it means “one handful of rice at a time” to express the way they give to God. At every meal, families of the churches will set aside a handful of rice for God. They will fill it in a bag and when they have collected enough rice, they will donate it to their local church. The local churches then turn it around and sell the rice to generate income.

In 1914, the sale of the rice managed to help them raise USD1.50. However this practice of giving a handful of rice have now seen these Christians collecting over $1.5 million to support 1,800 missionaries, in addition to their local ministry. The Christian families in Mizoram have also started giving other items such as vegetables, firewood, and other resources to continue this work for God’s kingdom.

As commented by one church member,

There are many ways of serving the Lord. Some people do great things. Some people are great preachers. Some people contribute lots and lots of money. But when we talk about this ‘Handful of Rice,’ it is very humble. The service is done in the corner of the kitchen where nobody sees, but God knows and he blesses it.

Another church member said, “It is not our richness or our poverty that make us serve the Lord, but our willingness. So we Mizo people say, ‘As long as we have something to eat every day, we have something to give to God every day.'”

I hope you have been blessed by these stories and they have in some ways inspired you to look at giving and blessing others for God’s glory. May God use you to touch the lives of people for His Kingdom.

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