Rescue Cat Travels Around The World With Her Owner

Amelia, the Tropicat was rescued by her owner, Liz Clark from a forest in the South Pacific and now travels around the world in a 40-foot long boat called Swell.

She said: “She has adapted to living surrounded by water. She’s learned to trust that she will be safe with me.”

Amelia enjoys hiking and exploring new places as much as Liz. Together they are now full-time sailors and they have become the best sailing companions. It looks like both are having a swell of a time sailing around the world together.



Originally from San Diego, Liz set sail in 2006 from California and has traveled with Amelia along the western coast of Mexico and Central America, as well as to the South Pacific. It has been 10 years since Liz started on her exciting expedition. Her voyage has led her to experience different foreign cultures, make great friends, meet interesting people, enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and its waves.

Besides surfing when she is free, Liz looks for opportunities for personal growth, to work on local environmental projects, make presentations on pollution and conservation issues in schools, and to continue writing and documenting the voyage in hopes of inspiring others to live out their passions, face fears, discover the unlimited benefits of self-awareness, and explore our connection to all of life on Earth.

traveling cat


Liz has sailed more than 22,000 nautical miles of ocean since and she has this to share –

“I discovered that the most important sort of exploration happens within. The enormous sense of fulfillment I’ve gained from following my dream, delving into self-awareness, and living a simple life close to nature motivates me to continue sharing my experiences in hopes of the same for others.”

I really admire Liz for going all out to live the life of her dreams and doing what she truly loves.

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